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A Prayer of Devotion

 i hereby devote my soul to god,

 from whom all goodness springs;

and praise my god with cannabis,

 which allows my soul to sing.

i meet my god with offerings 

to reflect god's eternal love;

for god provides this cannabis, 

as a mercy from above.

this flower is the bloom of god,

and helps my soul rise higher;

and so i give it back to god:

my soul: of earth, of air, of fire.

Prayer for the Dead

cannabis is the Hope of Life,

and reveals an ancient Truth:

the tree of life is cannabis,

its leaves, its blood, its roots.

and so we do not grieve our friends,

who have gone to sleep in death,

for the Hope of Life is risen now,

and shall spread throughout the earth.

and when the seventh trumpet sounds,

and the Truth is clearly heard,

the sleeping souls will rise anew

in Love, in Peace, in Word.

A Prayer of Atonement

  breathe in the clouds of cannabis, for they unveil the only Truth;

remember now from whence they grew, their snowdrop buds of youth.

this ancient plant, this thornless tree, is grown from Love alone;

its seven leaves, its heaven scent; by these my sins atone

with flames of fire, the Truth is freed, 

God Incarnate, through a smallest seed.

The Prayer of the Sevens

among the seven churches, across the seven seas,

beyond the seven wonders, these are the seven leaves.

they disclose the seventh mystery, of god's eternal Love,

unsealed, unmasked, uncovered,  a gift from god above.